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Mentoring Educating Poor Kids

Volunteer to mentor an unprivileged kid…

Underprivileged children in slums are prone to fall prey to social evils like loitering, begging, drug-peddling, abuse, pick-pocketing etc. Mentoring children and youth from such backgrounds involves imparting life skills such as self-awareness, career maturity, confidence, social etiquette, respect, critical thinking as well as communication skills, lateral thinking, problem-solving skills, writing skills, language skills etc.  

Most of the underprivileged children and youth lack positive role models in their homes or in their community. Due to this, they lack in academic performance, self-confidence, life skills, social skills, exposure to technology etc and this programmes addresses all these deficiences. A mentor is a strong and positive role model to whom the mentee looks up to. The mentor helps the mentee to grow to his or her full potential by providing motivation and inspiration.

Mentoring involves regular meetings between the mentor and mentee. During these visits freewheeling discussions and conversations ensue about aspirations and dreams. Other activities that may be pursued include field visits, watching movies, playing indoor games, letter writing, learning computers, listening to problems, developing language skills etc.

In all metros you have mentoring opportunities…

Organisations and NGOs listed Resources below provide mentoring opportunities to men and women. Prospective mentors, who are usually working professionals, who apply have to go through a rigorous process of assessment, background checks, interviews and training. You should be committed to facilitate the personal growth of the child or the young person.

Matching of a mentor with a mentee is of crucial importance. Pairing is done by organizations by using criteria like gender, location, personality traits and interests. If you think you have the right credential to take up mentorship, do not hesitate but apply to one of the NGOs today !

Govt of India plans scholarships to orphans and destitute children...

Destitute children and orphans living in child-care homes who are academically bright and score over 70% marks in their school exams are proposed to be given scholarships for further studies by the National Children's Fund (NCF). Modalities are being worked out.

23 Cities in India

Make a Difference: MAD

#16 C, 1st B Main, 14th C Cross, Sector 6, HSR Layout, Bangalore 560102

Join as a Volunteer


Footpath Shaala

At this ‘Footpath school’ poor slum children get free tuition and coaching in various subjects and also a free meal. These children are from truly impoverished class, living in abominable conditions whose parents are labourers, maids, drivers etc. The children study in municipal schools where educational standard is pathetic and hence the need for tuition and coaching.

Bhudarpura, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad

Kamalbhai Parmar, Tushar Anjaria

079-264 21587, 098251 59024

All India

'Lakhon Mein Ek' Campaign by Pratham

It has been found that underprivileged children in madrasas, mandals and schools seriously lack ability to read basic text and carry our arithmetic sums. Pratham has developed effective ways to improve basic reading and math by working with children for about 100 hours every day over 30-50 days. They now invite senior citizens, retired Defence personnel, teachers and working professionals to volunteer and spare 2 hours per day for the 'Lakhon Mein Ek' campaign.


All India

Ekal Vidyalayas

Ekal runs one-teacher schools (known as Ekal Vidyalayas) all over India, in the remotest rural & tribal villages to take the education to every child. The primary objective is to ensure functional literacy among children of the village. Vidyalaya runs usually for 3 hours for 6 days in a week with an average of 30 students.

011-4050 3331 evfi.office@ekal.org


All India

NalandaWay Foundation

AH-206, 1st Floor, 3rd Street, Anna Nagar, Chennai 600040

044-4350 0127


Bangalore Chennai Delhi Mumbai Mysore Pune

Mentor Together

House No. 101/A, Ground Floor, 24th Cross, 18th B Main, Sector 3, HSR Layout Bangalore 560102

Apply to become a Mentor

Bengaluru Chennai Jaipur Pune New Delhi Tiruchirapalli.

Lakshya & e-Lakshya Programmes by Bhumi

13, Cenotaph First Lane, Teynampet, Chennai 600018

Volunteer as a Mentor


Deepam Charitable Trust

Deepam reaches out to about 200 underprivileged children through 5 centres around Chennai. Over 50 regular volunteer members teach computers, internet, English and social values.

9 & 10, SMS Mangala, Apartment No 1, 5th Trust Cross Street, Mandavelipakkam, Chennai 600028

98842 17276


Dehi-NCR      Nagpur      Pune      Varanasi

UPAY (Underprivileged Advancement by Youth),

UPAY provides free education to over 1,200 underprivileged children through two unique models: (a) Footpath Shala, a ‘street to school’ initiative aimed at children living on the footpaths in urban areas (b) Reach ’n’ Teach Centre, which involves providing regular classroom tuition to students in rural areas.

82750 45424



Asha Mentorship Programme

This mentorship programme matches a college student from Delhi slums with a professional in the city to provide advice, guidance and leadership as that student prepares to go forward on their academic and career journey. The mentors and mentees are matched according to the educational qualifications and work experience of the mentor and also the college course and aim of the mentee.

Ekta Vihar, Sector 6, RK Puram, New Delhi 110022

011-2617 0618, 2619 6857, 2671 6409



Remedial Education for Slum Children in Delhi by Navjyoti India Foundation

Remedial Education prevents vulnerable children to drop out from the mainstream education. This education model provides holistic development through music, library, art and craft, life skill sessions, exposure trips, health and hygiene.

Khasra No. 99, Majri Karala, Main Kanjhawala Road, Near Rohini Sector-22, New Delhi 110081

88005 28880


Delhi      Mumbai

ROUNAK: (Rouble Nagi Art Kamp) by Rouble Nagi Art Foundation

They hold art camps for underprivileged children from various slums in Mumbai and Delhi. The camps are held at municipal schools, balwadis and patshala’s to encourage the children for not skipping school and that learning can be fun. They have found that in a caring and creative environment, even the most problematic child can learn and achieve through art.

606/607, E Wing Crystal Plaza, Andheri Link Road, Andheri West, Mumbai 400053



Music Basti

Music Basti seeks to develop confidence and skills among children living in slum areas of Delhi, who do not have access to quality learning and live in an unstable environment. Music Basti strives to achieve this by conducting weekly classes where children are taught to write, compose and perform an original song. If you’d like to know more, contribute or volunteer, get in touch.

Integrated Development Education Association (IDEA), B 38, 4th Floor, Hill View Apartments, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi 110057

Faith Gonsalves

096541 99107, 088607 96093



PEHCHAN Educational & Social Welfare Society

An NGO striving to nourish and educate the girl child and help them getting employment and helping their families to get them married

303, Avadh Complex, D-5, Laxmi Nagar, Vikas Marg, New Delhi 110092

011-4241 8001, 098102 61818




To meet educational needs of hearing-impaired children from underprivileged backgrounds, Akshya-Akruti runs schools with residential facilities where 350 such children study presently.

8-3-1027/A2, Lane Opposite Indian Bank, Srinagar Colony, Hyderabad 500073.

040-4004 2250




Aseema supports 3 municipal schools in Mumbai by provision of teachers who have a child-friendly approach, making the learning environment stimulating and creating a culture that respects the child and promotes learning.They also run an Education Centre for Tribal Children in Igatpuri comprising two anganwadis (Pre-Primary centres).

G3 / G4 Josephine Apartments, Chimbai Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai 400050.

022-2640 7248, 2643 0185 E-mail: contact@aseema.org



Asha Kiran Charitable Trust

They operate 8 educational centers for street children at various locations where more than 800 street children are taught by 40 volunteer teachers and 30 employed teachers.

Glory Family Shop, 1/2 Nandkripa Shopping Centre, 4 Bungalows, Andheri (W), Mumbai 400053

Janakbhai Raja: 098200 29926, Mahesh Hingorani: 099209 00601



Eklavya - You Belong

Over 200 underprivileged children are being provided with education along with love and attention. The focus is on creating an environment that allows the children to have fun while learning so that the kids implement these lessons in their daily life. Along with basic education children are imparted with moral values, civic responsibilities and environmental awareness.

Charvi Mehta

Facebook Page


Gabriel Project Mumbai

A new school known as 'Love2Learn' serves 500 children in Palghar district of western Maharashtra. GPM's innovative approach, "Eat to Learn", provides fresh, hot, nutritious meals to these children so that the latter receive the nutritional boost that they need to thrive, while providing a powerful incentive for parents to keep their children in school.



Hamara Footpath

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening, the footpath right across the Churchgate station starting from Asiatic store becomes a classroom of a different kind. This is a school for street children from areas like Cross Maidan, Gandhi Garden, Nariman Point and Churchgate station. 60 Children and 10 volunteers come together, despite their diverse lives, to create an atmosphere of fun and learning.

Nupur Shah, Shubhangi Swarup & Akhil Bhandari



Hamara Foundation

They have set up centres in four BMC schools across the city, where street children are welcomed to satiate their curiosity, learn important life skills, participate in arts and crafts activities, play games etc.

Room Nos 27 & 83, 1st Floor, Gilder Lane Municipal School, Off Belasis Bridge, Mumbai Central, Mumbai 400008

022-2305 4108, 2623 4918, 98924 32637

Facebook Page


Kartavya Foundation

They strive to provide funds to underprivileged students who wish to pursue graduation or post-graduation but do not have the means to to so. THey also support education for the blind.

Manish Bharti

090286 40133, 090221 70140




Their volunteers educate daughters of sex workers from Mumbai's red-light district Kamathipura. Curriculum covers English, computers, dance therapy, meditation, photography, theatre and travel.

Kedarnath Mandir Marg, Nehru Nagar, Kurla East, Mumbai 400071



Mumbai Smiles

4th floor, Silver Arcade (opp. Fire Brigade), Marol-Maroshi Road, Andheri (E), Mumbai 400059

022-2920 8644

Volunteer & Internship Programme


Salaam Baalak Trust

Provide multiple services to street children such as formal education in schools along with non-formal education at the centers, programs in art, drama therapy, judo, football, music, dance as well as other services like healthcare, counseling, income-generating skills training etc.

c/o Bal Bhavan, Netaji Subhash Marg, Charni Road West. Mumbai 400004

022-2367 5233



The Candle Project

A youth volunteer organization providing holistic education to children from economically disadvantaged communities. At the open class sessions every weekend the children are taught English language skills, computer skills etc. The children are also exposed to performing & creative arts.

Children's Welfare Centre High School, Yari Road, Versova, Andheri (W), Mumbai 400053

098206 33079



The Green Batti Project

This project pairs young professionals with underprivileged children. Selected mentors undergo training by Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS). Mentor and mentee meet for two hours every week for 4 months and during the visits, the mentors seek mentee's personality development through discussions, field visits, movie screenings etc.

Aakansha Kedia

099670 11715

Apply to be a Mentor


The Lighthouse Project

Raindancer, Nishuvi, 3rd Floor, 75, Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai 400018

022-6109 3730

Apply to become a Mentor

Mumbai Delhi-NCR Hyderabad Bangalore

Magic Bus

Mumbai: 022-4333 9393, Delhi-NCR: 0120-478 7400, Hyderabad: 040-4240 5412, Bangalore: 080-4121 4356


Mumbai Pune Delhi Chennai Hyderabad Ahmedabad Bangalore

Teach for India

c/o The Akanksha Foundation, Voltas House ‘C’, T. B. Kadam Marg, Chinchpokli, Mumbai 400033

022-6518 2238

How to get involved

Mumbai      Pune

Door Step School

They use innovative programs to bring education and improve literacy skills among the children of marginalised families of age group 3 to 14 years (both school going and non school going). They do this through programmes like balwadi, study classes, non-formal education (NFE), schools on wheels, study classes, reading program, educational centers at construction sites etc.

Jagannath Shankarsheth Municipal School Bldg., 2nd Floor, Room No. 54/55, Grant Road, Nana Chowk, Mumbai 400007
110, Anand Park, Aundh, Pune 411007

Bina Lashkari: 098210 58655, Rajani Paranjpe: 093710 07844

Mumbai: 022-2382 6343, Pune: 020-2589 8762


Mumbai      Pune

The Akanksha Foundation

Voltas House ‘C’, TB Kadam Marg, Chinchpokli, Mumbai 400033
New Thermax Building, Old Bombay Pune Highway, Wakdewadi, Pune 411003

Mumbai: 022-2370 0253, 2372 9880. Pune: 020-2554 0008 / 9, 6605 1380

Join Akanksha


UPAY (UnderPrivileged's Advancement by Youth)

UPAY volunteers run 'Footpath Shaalas' to teach street children of Nagpur, who usually involved in begging at the Traffic signals. These are the children of beggars and street vendors who never went to school. At present these Shaalas are run at 10 locations and over 150 children are enrolled.

082750 45424, 094039 64891



Adopt Child Online (ACO)

ACO is a platform to sponsor education to an underprivileged child. ACO identifies children who deserve better education but are unable to do so due to their economic conditions. Any person can sponsor a child who can continue to live where he or she is – be it with parents, at an orphanage, at a Government hostel, etc.

Flat No:201, Veera Residency, Near Bhaskar Model School, Nijampet Road, KPHB, Hyderabad 500072.

Eswar Reddy Maruri

98668 13013, 040-4017 6436



Super 30 - Ramanujan School of Mathematics

Under this programme, every year 30 meritorious students from extremely poor backgrounds are given intensive coaching to succeed in JEE or NEET so that admission can be gained to Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) to pursue B Tech or medical college to pursue MBBS. To begin with, candidates have to crack Super 30's Entrance Test for 10th, 11th and 12th pass students.

Shanti Kutir, Chandpur Bela, Patna 800001

Manoj Kumar



Identity Foundation

Provide non-formal education (NFE) for abandoned and underprivileged children staying and working on the railway stations and platforms in Pune.

Sr.No.44/2, Vinamrata, Off Law College Road, Erandvane, Pune 411004

098812 92707, 090110 37469



Jazz Hands

They enlist students from private schools in Pune to teach English to underprivileged children studying in municipal schools in classes 4 to 7. English is taught through drama and music as per a unique method developed by 'Jazz Hands'. In addition the underprivileged children achieve communication skills and personality development.

Arya Diwase & Raghav Saraogi

099237 23621, 099239 59199, 095272 54144



Shiksha Ki Asha by Hope for the Children Foundation

Under this holistic project, children are encouraged to attend school every day, after which they gather at the HFCF Learning Centre for studies of different subjects, preparation for exam and homework completion, extra classes of spoken English and computer science, soft skills training and creative development classes and basic Health and hygiene awareness programmes.

Pakia Nivas Building, Mamta Society, Nr. Stella Maris School, Wadgaonsheri, Pune 411014

020-2703 2422, 2703 2423

Web Page

Tamil Nadu

Red Society

If you see children begging anywhere in Tamil Nadu, alert Red Society who will help provide education to such children.

099402 17816

Various Cities

HT Paathshala

Hindustan Times' Paathshala is an initiative that supports and funds the education of underprivileged children. They put a certain amount of money from every copy of Hindustan Times sold, into a corpus. This provides the funds to support their NGO partners who directly work in the education of underprivileged children. If you want to volunteer and spend time with underprivileged children send an email to them.


Various Cities

Save the Children

In metro cities, they operate own learning centres where children coming from the socially-excluded communities are provided learning and/or after-school support. In Kolkata and Mumbai, they run mobile learning centres. They also counsel parents from humble backgrounds to send their children to school and assist them through the admission process. Out-of-school children are identified and their enrolment into formal schools in age-appropriate classes is ensured.

0124-475 2000, 475 2100,en.in

0124-475 2000, 475 2100


Various Locations in India

Aide et Action International - South Asia

Their ongoing projects enable all children, including dropouts, children never enrolled and slow learners to meet their education needs and successfully complete their education.

16/20, Gilchrist Avenue, Harrington Road, Chetpet, Chennai 600031

044-2836 5516 / 17 / 19 / 20



Community Aid & Sponsorship Programme (CASP)

CASP gives an opportunity for individuals and families to sponsor and support a disadvantaged child. Support may be psychological, social or economic and is continued till the child becomes self-sufficient. The economic aid helps the family to bear the educational expenses of the child either completely or partially.

CASP Bhavan, Pashan Baner Link Road, Pashan, Pune 411021

020-2586 2842 / 43 / 44



Dakshana Foundation

They provide 1-year residential coaching for JEE and NEET exams to bright underprivileged children at their centres in Khed (Pune), Bundi (Rajastan) & Kottayam (Kerala). Students are selected on merit after 12th Std based on test conducted at Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas (JNVs) across India.

Dakshana Valley, Kadus Village, Khed Taluka, Pune 412404

Colonel Ram K Sharma

02135-203200, 077091 88333, 077987 86405




They seek to educate, enable & empower the deprived and underprivileged children. sections of society. They do this by providing financial support and non-financial inputs to individuals and projects working directly with underprivileged children and their parents, with local communities and government bodies. They also support resource organizations that provide training, education material, etc. to smaller, younger initiatives in particular.

Sewakunj, Maseehabad Rd., Bahraich, UP

094150 54079, 0525-229 5699




They organise concerts by domestic and international artists (DJ Hardwell, Martin Garrix, David Guetta) to raise money to educate hundreds of thousands of children through the Magic Bus programme. Through this venture, artists and fans are making a social difference.

United Welfare Trust, Worli, Mumbai 400018

098888 80083