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Organic Food a Healthy Choice

Organic food is gaining ground…

Once found only is some boutique food stores, organic food can now be found on most supermarket stores. Although it is too early to speculate whether organic food will become ubiquitous, there is no doubt that the organic wave has caught on with younger consumers in India’s metros who are health-conscious and better informed.

Usage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and genetically-modified seeds are a strict no-no in organic farming. Organic agriculture uses compost, animal manure and green manure as fertilizer. Weeds are controlled naturally through crop rotation, hand weeding, mulching and tilling. Insects are controlled through traps, good insects and birds.

Organic milk comes from cows who are not given antibiotics or growth hormones and who are fed grass as well as feed prepared form organic grains. Organic meat is from chicken and goats which are fed organic feed and who too should not receive antibiotics and growth hormones.

Basically, organic farming is a sustainable agriculture practice that conserves soil and water, reduces pollution, preserves soil fertility and nutrition, involves crop rotation as well as intercropping and prevents groundwater pollution. Organic farming results in greater retention of carbon in soil rather than as carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, thus helping combat greenhouse effect and global warming.

The benefits of organic food…

Organic food is much healthier than conventional food due to more beneficial nutrients such as antioxidants and vitamin C in the former. Strong nourishment of the soil in organic farming leads to well-nourished plants, which in turns yield food with a high nutritional content.

Organic food is also tastier with natural and nuanced flavours and aromas. It is lighter on the digestive system and also helps reduce acidity and gas. Organic fruits are juicier as they are allowed to ripen on the tree. Absence of pesticide and fertilizer contamination in may in the long-term prevent cancer as well as diseases of kidneys, lungs and liver.

Organic food is still not pocket-friendly in India because non-use of fertilizers and pesticides results in lower yield per acre of organic crop than traditional crop. However as more customers switch to organic foods, cost is bound to come down. You may also note that organic produce or products are cerified by Swiss Ecocert or USDA or OneCert or under 'Participatory Guarantee System' (PGS).

All India

'24 Mantra' Organic Products by Sresta Natural Bioproducts Pvt Ltd

Widest range of cereals, dals, flours and spices available throughout India in all major retail stores.

040-4007 2526


All India

'Ecolife Organic' by Nature Bio-Foods Ltd.

Available in retail stores all over India as bulk products or as branded products:: Rice, pulses, oilseeds, cereals, spices, nuts, fruits & vegetables, cane sugar etc.

45 KM Stone, G.T. Road, Kamaspur, Sonepat, Haryana 131021

0130-305 1500 to 305 1531


All India

Organic India

Offer a wide range of organic foods, teas, spices, oils and ghee. Can be bought online or from retailers across India.

095190 00106, 1800-1805-153


All India

Under The Mango Tree. (UTMT)

They source high-quality organic honey from farmer cooperatives. This is packaged for direct sale to customers and is available with retailers listed in the linked web page below. Their non-profit society works to advance sustainable community-based beekeeping with the indigenous bee.

A 412, Byculla Service Industries CS, Dadoji Kondeo Cross Marg, Byculla, Mumbai 400027

022-6515 7953. 2375 3110

Address & phone numbers of retailers


Garden City Farmers’ Trust

Dr Vishwanath is a pioneer in organic vegetable gardens. He conducts one day workshops for persons interested in starting kitchen or balcony gardens.

Dr BN Vishwanath

022-2848 5717, 098456 27217


Green Thumbs Mini Farms

If you are interested to grow your own organic vegetables, you can take a 10 ft x 10 ft patch in this farm on membership basis. Organic manure, seeds, water and security is provided by the farm. The vegetables grown would cover year's needs of your family.

Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

Anand Maddur

Facebook Page


Oota From Your Thota ("Meal From Your Garden") by Garden City Farmers

Held in Bangalore 4 times in a year, for organic farm inputs such as organic soil enrichers, plants & saplings, heirloom seeds, eco-friendly pest controllers, gardening equipment etc.

Ms Vayjayanthi

098860 68649



Organic Terrace Gardening (OTG)

OTG is a Facebook group dedicated to organic food farming in an urban environment and to promote organic events and organic gardening resources. Join the group to see the discussions, posts and comments.

Anil Nadig

098800 05093

Facebook Page


Phalada Agro

Provide end-to-end solutions for organic agriculture and are involved in each stage of the supply chain, from production of compost to the export of processed herbs, spices, coconuts, oils and other food commodities.

No 92/5, Kannalli, Seegehalli Cross, Magadi Main Road, Bengaluru 562130

080-2853 6762



Sahaja Samrudha

Farmers of Anekal Taluka (near Bangalore) now undertake organic farming and produce more than 40 varieties of vegetables that are supplied, through Sahaja Samrudha, to leading supermarkets, specialist organic stores, or directly to consumers via organic farmers’ markets. Organic markets are being held monthly once in different areas of Bangalore mainly to reach out to consumers.

080-2365 5302



The Organic World

Suppliers of organic food at their retail outlet in Bangalore.

No.58, 15th Cross, 2nd Phase, JP Nagar, Bangalore 560078

080-2658 1708, 097438 84238

Facebook Page


Vriksh - The Organic Store

Vriksh offers a wide range of healthy, natural and certified organic food, super-foods, farm-fresh produce and other unique products.

No. 88, 3rd Main, Vyalikaval, Bangalore 560003

080-2356 7680, 097411 79100


Bangalore Delhi-NCR Hyderabad Mumbai Pune


Sold from stores in the above cities. Organic products: Skin and hair care, aromatherapy, health remedies, home & living products, gifting options.

1800-419-0365, 022-6671 0748, 6798 2670


Bangalore Delhi-NCR Mumbai

All Things Organic

Certified organic products home-delivered in categories of food & nutrition, household & cleaning, health & wellness, beauty & personal care etc.

099675 40334 (For Mumbai), 088266 23367 (For rest of India)


Bangalore      Delhi-NCR


They have an organic farm in Bangalore and in order to market organic products have opened stores of their own in Bangalore and Delhi. A wide range of fruits, vegetables and groceries, all genuinely organic, are available.

351 Outer Circle, Whitefield, Bangalore 560066
253-D Shahpur Jat Market, New Delhi 110049

Bangalore: 098101 31343, New Delhi: 011-3290 5310



Nalla Keerai (Good Greens)

Supply organic vegetables, fruits, rice, millet, pulses, jaggery, spices, honey. Buy from their 6 stores in Chennai or order online.

Sadhana Kudil, Pakkam, Thirunindravur, Chennai 602024

099626 11767, 044-4358 7424



The Altitude Store

This is a retail store in Delhi. They source organic produce from farmers as well as from their own farm 'Organic Acres' at Patan Kala, Rajastan.

Shop No.110, Mehar Chand Market, Lodhi Road, Near India Habitat Center, New Delhi 110003 (Nearest Delhi metro stations: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium and Jor Bagh)

011-4905 0404, 4905 0405, 098117 55222, 092666 34955



I Say Organic Pvt Ltd

Home delivers organic vegetables in Delhi. Promotes organic farmers to farmers and connects farmers to markets.

Akansha Kapoor, Marketing Manager

011-4108 7447




Nirvaaha is an store supplying organic grocery as well as organic fruits & vegetables. Most of their farmers follow PGS which is an internationally applicable organic quality assurance system.

D-59, Defence Colony, New Delhi 110024

Mridu Mahajan Pogula

011-2465 6737, 099107 06713



Nourish Organics

Breakfast cereals, health bars, seeds, nuts, high-fibre bars etc.

011-4905 1177, 093120 06667



New Farmer

This is a forum by which they share learnings on growing organic food with India’s new organic farmers (through workshops).

Yogita Mehra & Karan Manral

99606 43245



Nature's Gram

Natures Gram is a collective of organic farmers and consumers. It distributes organic vegetables, cereals, pulses, grains, honey, tea, spices, etc to consumers in Mumbai, Thane and cities of Maharashtra.

Plot No 14, Sector 7, Shreenagar, Thane 400604

Vishal Ghodke

098209 66802



Conscious Food Private Limited

Order online the following organic foods: Beverages & sweeteners, cereals & pulses, herbs, seeds, oils, spices, power snacks with organic ingredients etc. The company sources most of its products from small organic farms and farming communities all over the country.

317 / 318, Vasan Udyog Bhavan, off Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai 400013

022-2497 4035, 2494 7902, 2493 4551, 2493 4552



Ecomytra Organics Pvt Ltd

Desi cow whole milk and ghee (Organic) is delivered in the area ranging from south Mumbai to Mira Road on the Western Railway route. Milk is from pure Indian breed desi Gir cows grazing on lush green Aravali Hills. The cows graze in open pastures and nutritious sugarcane fodder is fed periodically.

092229 88818



Farmers Market

The Farmers' Market is held every Sunday morning from 10 am to 4 pm during October to March. You can look forward to organically grown (& certified) fruits & vegetables for sale as well as meet the farmers, who are members of a cooperative called Organic Farms run by Ashish Shinde.

Bhalla House, 97 Hill Road, Opposite St. Andrew’s Church, Bandra (W), Mumbai 400050

Kavita Mukhi

098200 89378, 098198 52266



Green Souls

They promote and practice community-based organic farms. Have set up organic farms in unused plots in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. You may volunteer to help them in their farms.

Sabita Rajendran 098701 13541, Julius Rego 98200 74639

Facebook Page



Buy Organically farmed original Ratnagiri mangoes delivered from farm to home.

084248 73789



Naturally Yours

Grocery, super foods, rice & millets, pastas, organic gifting, seeds & nuts, gluten-free products, essential oils etc, sourced from hundreds of organic farmers and farmer groups across India. Free home delivery.

No.5, Ground Floor, Anurag Building, Borla Green Acres, Off Panjarpole Naka, Chembur East 400088

087678 01982, 022-3223 0003



Vrindavan Farm

This is an organic farm at Wada, near Mumbai. Fresh produce (vegetables and fruits) are door-delivered by them once a week. They also produce herbal teas, preserves, jams, chutneys, brines, roasts and spices.

Gayatri Bhatia


Mumbai      Pune

Gourmet Delight

Order online for home delivery of a wide range of organic & gourmet products such as bakery products, diary, accompaniments, spices, rice, pasta, super foods, fruits & vegetables etc. Their organic products are sourced from certified organic growers.

022-6523 7788, 076666 15116


Mumbai      Pune

Offerings Farms

At their organic farm in Saswad, Pune they harvest a wide range of organic produce like lettuce, Mexican gherkins, kale, baby spinach, baby rucola, wild arugula, Malabar so spinach, chia etc which are supplied to 5 star hotels in Mumbai and Pune. The produce can also be found in high-end stores like Nature's Basket.

Sanmitra Pandharpur and Amrita Chaudhury


MyGreen Mart

Fruits and vegetables are sourced from organically certified farmers.

B-7, Jaidev Apartment, Gondwana Square, Byramji Town, Nagpur 440013

0712-655 6622



Pristine Organics Pvt Ltd.

Offer a wide range of organic foods such as baby food, breakfast cereals, biscuits, staples, millets, cold-pressed oil and coffee.

#839, 3rd Floor 'A' Block, Damodaran Road, Sahakara Nagar, Bangalore 560092

080-4343 8484



Daksh Farm

Buy online brown 'Matta' rice grown organically in their own 10-acre farm in Palakkad, Kerala. This rice with its unique earthy flavour is much sought after. Delivered all over India.

Coyalmannam, Palakkad, Kerala 678702

Prabhal Mohandas

082810 72872



Devgad Taluka Amba Utpadak Sahakari Sanstha Ltd (DTAUSS)

This is a co-operative society of 700 growers of Devgad Alphonso mango. These are organic mangoes, ripened naturally. Place the order on the website.

Helpline: 087968 01806



Down to Earth Organic Food

'Down to Earth' is the organic food brand of Morarka Organic Foods Ltd. Free delivery across india of organic cereals, grains, flours, dal, spices, masala, oil, ghee, tea, coffee, sugar, jaggery, poha, peanuts, chana etc.

Mr. Dheeraj Sharma

097857 63660, 0141-217 6520




India's leading online store for organic foods and grocery. They are connected to over 1,00,000 certified organic farmers through farmers groups, NGOs and partners all over the country! All these farmers follow strict international standards of organic food production.

077740 39900



Honey R Us

Pure, organic honey sourced from deep within the forests, from the foothills as well as the high altitudes of Himalayas.

097400 72542



Ishka Farms

Shade dried moringa leaves and sea-salt cured capers, are hand harvested, dried and packed on site to get you the freshest ingredients. Capers are a widely-used ingredient in Mediterranean cooking.

Survey # 37/5, Niravi Pudhupatti Village, Ettayapuram Taluk, Tuticorin District 628902

Fiona Arakal



Joy by Nature

Buy organic grocery, tea & coffee, oils & ghee, grains & pulses, spices, health supplements, baby care, face care, skin care, hair care etc. Sourcing of 100% natural and organic products is directly from organic farmers based in pristine locations such as Almora (Uttarakhand), Kangra (Himachal), Satara (Maharashtra), Mysore (Karnataka).

011-3959 5895



Organic Harvest

A wide range of organic products for skin care, hair care, body care, lip care, essential oils and anti-ageing products.

Rahul Agarwal

92112 38795



Organic Hubb

Buy online organic products like flour, sugar, jaggery, pulses, spices, oil & ghee, rice, tea, dry fruits, seeds, hair colours etc.

Swati Garg

092139 09192, 0129-226 7878



Phalada Pure & Sure

Pure and Sure is a range of Certified Organic Food Products from Phalada Agro which are sourced directly from farmers and processed under hygienic conditions. Products: Curry paste, flours, oils, pulses & dals, spices & masalas, sauce, ready-to-eat, teas, rice products etc.

Phalada Agro Research Foundations Pvt.Ltd., Sy.No.92/5, Kannalli, Segehalli Cross, Magadi Rd, Bangaluru 560091

080-2853 6762 / 63 / 64



The Green Path

Their organic farm is located at Nelamangala, near Bangalore. Their online store 'Era Organic' will be operational soon.

080-2356 9777



The Organic Garden

They deliver organic cereals, pulses, spices, natural seeds & oats all over India and organic fruits & vegetables in Mumbai. The organically grown goods which are sourced from farmers, are subjected to several audits that are conducted by their team of quality specialists.

070459 18934, 022-2778 9201, 2778 9224, Whatsapp: 070459 18934




Online store for all gardening requisites like pots & planters, garden tools, seeds, composters, garden inputs etc.

# 125 A, 3rd Cross, Someshwara Temple St., Munichannappa Layout, Bilekahalli, Bangalore 560076

080264 81835



Urban Tree Organic

Online organic store for flours, spices, rice, jaggery & sugar, grains & pulses, daliya, poha, barley, ghee etc.

Rashi Killa: 077383 77934, Divya Killa: 098338 90420

02836-224 545, 226 782, 229 974



Dhawale Trust Promoted Organic Farmers Group

55 Farmers from Vikramgad Taluka, Palghar District grow 10 varieties of organic vegetable round the year. Dhawale Trust provides regular trainers as well as interest-free loan to the farmers. ISKCON temple of Mumbai picks up the produce as per a contract signed with the farmers.

Dr. M.L. Dhawale Memorial Trust, Harishankar Joshi Marg, Dahisar (E), Mumbai 400068

Dr. Ujjwala Pendse, Jayendra Sutar

022-2897 1494, 2848 1140

Web Page


All Things Green

She helps to set up organic herb, vegetable and fruit gardens in an urban space such as a balcony, a terrace or in the backyard.

Maitri Mehta

097650 41888

Facebook Page


Barrix Agro Sciences Pvt. Ltd.

Barrix supplies eco-friendly pest control measures in agriculture to support organic farming. They supply insect traps (fly trap, sticker sheet) containing pheromones to which pests get attracted. The products are approved for use in organic cultivation of fruits & vegetables by certification bodies.

#1A-C Block, 2nd Floor, Kushal Garden Arcade, 2nd Phase, 1st stage, Peenya, Bangalore 560058

080-6012 0222



Bhaskar Save Natural Farming Training Center

Started by the legendary Late Bhaskarji Save, this Center offers a week-long introductory training program, on organic farming whose concepts are explained practically. Program includes 4 hours of practical farm work every day. Open to any farmer who wants to learn techniques of natural farming.

'Kalpavruksha', Dehari, Umbergaon, Gujarat 396170

Abhijay Save: 097235 31071, Bharat Mansata: 099673 71183

Web Page


First Agro Tech Produce (P) Ltd.

First Agro supplies to retailers and hotels nutritious and zero pesticide organic vegetables and fruits which are Non-GMO. 45 Acres farm operational in Mysore and 16 new farms of total area 1,500 acres would be set up across North, West and Southern India over the coming years.

Survey No: 352/2 and 145/2, T. Bettahalli Village, Talkad Hobli, T.Narsipur Taluk, Mysore District, Karnataka

098450 18124



Jeev Anksh Eco Products Pvt. Ltd.

They supply organic produce farmed by tribal families in Northeast India under Jeev Anksh's supervision and consultancy. Products include black rice, Himalayan red rice, aromatic Joha rice, ginger, large cardamom, black pepper, Himalayan cinnamon.

Brahma Kutir, Navagiri Path, Chandmari, Guwahati 781003, Assam

0361-266 0085, 098674 51400